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The first thing you'll have to do is get a leather conditioner. When you apply leather conditioner to your sofa, it keeps that cool, shiny look and is protected from drying out. A sofa cover is good for protecting them from dust, especially if you live in a dusty place.

You must not place your sofas where sunlight falls on them. Direct sunlight on leather makes it dry up and develop cracks and if leather cracks, it loses its quality. Always keep your sofa in a cool place if you want to get the best out of it.

If you have kids it is best you keep them off your leather sofas when it comes to meal times. This is to avoid spills. Oil is very dangerous when it come to leather, because oil gathers dust that accumulates dirt and dirt easily damages leather.

If you get it stained and it really needs to be washed, use a saddle soap. You can get this from shops that deal in leather. After washing you should not put your sofa in sunshine because it will dry out and cause cracks. After washing, place your leather sofa in a well ventilated place and let it dry in the room's heat and air. When dry, apply some leather conditioner to bring back the shiny appearance.

Do you have a cat or dog? Then you need to be extra careful. The smell of leather is actually close to an animal smell, which makes your pet scratch the sofa. Make sure your sofas don't smell and don't leave your pet in the room with it when you are out.
It is not always good to pretend that you know everything, so once you have tried cleaning and it does not work for you, or you just don't know what to do, the best thing to do is give professional cleaners a call so that you do not damage your beautiful leather corner sofa.

When a leather sofa smells it is horrible, so soak the leather in a mixture of ammonia and water to neutralize the bad smell. After the bad smell has gone, rinse with warm water and don't forget to apply leather conditioner after washing.
Apart from being a luxurious material, leather sofas is most praised for its durability.
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Leather Corner Sofas

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This article was published on 2010/10/17