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Leather repairs refer to items which are made from leather that have been damaged by wear and tear or misuse. Leather repair generally refers to upholstered items such as sofas, chairs and other items of furniture which have been covered with leather, and have been subjected to heavy or long term use. Over time these types of items will often fade or may get scratched, and it makes economical sense to repair them rather than discard and replace them with new alternatives.

Some of the types of damage leather suites of furniture can suffer from may include:

• Ugly tears
• Unsightly scratches
• Collapsed cushions
• Faded surfaces
• Cracked surfaces
• Scuffs

Unsightly scuffs and scratches etc. can ruin the look of an otherwise perfectly comfortable and functional suite of furniture, car seats, and leather items of clothing, which may have many years of serviceable life left. To discard or throw such items away and replace them with new alternatives could prove very costly, so it may be worth giving some consideration to a much less costly repair.

Leather repair can be achieved in one or two ways:

• Qualified leather repairer
• DIY leather repair kit

A qualified leather repairer can easily be contacted by phone. A date and time can be arranged, and the leather repair specialist will come to your home or the place where the repair needs to be done, and carry out the necessary process of repairing the leather item. This repair process can usually be undertaken in just one day, however much larger items may need slightly longer than this.

Once the repair has been carried out the item will be very much improved, and in many cases will appear as good as the day it was purchased.

An alternative to a specialist leather repairer is to purchase one of the many DIY kits available. Using a leather repair kit can produce an extremely satisfying result. Many kits contain all the equipment needed to repair most types of damage.

A typical repair kit will include:

• Filler: Glue
• Canvas sub patch
• Palette knife & scalpel
• Sandpaper
• Tweezers

The kit will also contain full and easy to follow instructions to make the perfect repair.

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Leather Repairers

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This article was published on 2010/03/27