Make Your Leather Messenger Bag Last!

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Leather messenger bags are a good long-term investment for people who want conventional, easy to carry, and fashionable luggage to carry around for their various activities. They are very popular especially to college students and business people who need something which can hold all their usual things but still look smart enough for formal purposes. Leather messenger bags usually come with a layer of cushion padding inside them for laptops. 

One of the most common problems with leather, however, is that the material can be a little prone to scratching and folding. And while some people may find their bags more interesting after it has aged because of its signature vintage appeal, it is still very important for you as the user to take care of it properly to make sure that it lasts for a long time. Here are some guidelines on how to take care of your leather messenger bag.
• Wipe dirt off with a damp cloth-if your bag is made of suede leather, use a moist washcloth to remove the dust and debris that has collected on the surface. Wipe it gently and do not scrub. Leather can be very prone to scratching and you may cause more damage to the material if you are not gentle.
• Use a conditioning spray-apply a light layer of conditioning spray over the bag a few times every week to remove stains, odor, and mildew build-up. These sprays are specially formulated to protect your bag’s surface and can prolong the beauty of the leather. 
• Apply leather conditioning cream-this will help your bag’s leather to shine. Make sure you buff your bag three to four times a year using a soft and moist washcloth and leather conditioning cream. To apply the cream, just put a dime-sized amount to the soft cloth and wipe it in gentle circular motions into the leather. 
• Fill the bag with tissue paper or newspaper when you’re not using it-proper storage is key to proper maintenance. If you won’t be using your bag for a couple of days, stuff it with tissue or paper so that it won’t sag when you store it away and retain its natural shape. One of the most common complaints of people with messenger bags is that they lose their good structure after a long time. When you do this, however, you prolong the professional and polished look of your luggage. 
• Wrap the bag with soft cloth-when you receive your bag, you’ll find that its packaging comes with a soft cloth. That cloth is there for a reason so make sure you keep it and use it for storing purposes later on. Wrapping your bag in soft cloth helps maintain the leather’s softness plus also protect the material from debris, dust, and dirt. 
• Store the bag in a dry place-this is very important since you are dealing with leather. Moisture can wreck damage on it easily so keep your bag stored in a dry cupboard or closet. Leather is very sensitive and can easily absorb stains and odor so moisture is not really its best buddy. 
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Make Your Leather Messenger Bag Last!

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This article was published on 2013/09/10