Making Your Own Leather Motorcycle Vest To Display Your Experience on Riding Motorbike

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Many people who usually travel long distances on their motorbikes. It's their personal experience on riding motorbike. And the best way to display your experiences is customizing leather motorcycle vest.


As well as being a great creative outlet, it is also a good safety feature without the excessive heat of a full leather jacket and keeps you safer. The kind of material you need is freely available from sewing shops, where you will also find the tools you need to create your own.


Using an old T shirt as a base is ideal as you cut around the collar and cut out the arms to produce a template for the soft leather. Cut out the leather and sew it together. Make sure it fits before you add snaps or zippers. Getting a different pattern can give you a reversible jacket which can be useful if you are in a hurry!


People who ride motorbikes often want to add badges, either to show allegiance to a gang or show where they have been. Ideally the badges should be made of hard wearing materials like denim so it can withstand tougher conditions. For the same reason, a badge will usually be sewn on rather than ironed on or it can be lost when traveling at speed.


With your patterns for the front and the back, place them on the soft leather material and cut them out, sewing them together. Make sure you try on the vest to ensure it fits and add the snaps or zip, depending on your personal preference.


There are embroidery programs available that you can print onto material before putting it into a sewing machine. However if you do not have a program you can equally print off the design, put it on top of the material and cut around it before sewing it on. If you want examples look online for design inspiration.


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Making Your Own Leather Motorcycle Vest To Display Your Experience on Riding Motorbike

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This article was published on 2010/08/26